Publication Awards

Several Awards for Top-Journal Publications from the Vienna University of Economics and Business


  • for “Figl, Kathrin, Recker, J. (2016). Exploring Cognitive Style and Task-specific Preferences for Process Representations. Requirements Engineering 21 (1), pp.63-85.”
  • for “Figl, Kathrin, Recker, J. (2016). Process Innovation as Creative Problem-Solving: An Experimental Study of Textual Descriptions and Diagrams. Information & Management (53) 6, pp.767-786.”
  • for “Figl, K., Mendling, J., Strembeck, M. (2013). The Influence of Notational Deficiencies on Process Model Comprehension, JAIS (Journal of the Association for Information Systems), 14 (6), Article 1.”
  • for “Figl, K., Recker, J., Mendling, J. (2013). A Study on the Effects of Routing Symbol Design on Process Model Comprehension. Decision Support Systems (DSS) (54) 2, pp.1104-1118.”

International Conferences

  • Shortlisted for Best Paper AwardConference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2017
    • for “Beno, M., Figl, K., Polleres, A., Umbrich, J. (2017). Open Data Hopes and Fears, Determining the Barriers of Open Data. Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government, Krems, Austria.”
  • Best Paper Award, ACM 18th Software Product Line Conference 2014
    • for “Reinhartz-Berger, I., Figl, Kathrin (2014). Comprehensibility of Orthogonal Variability Modeling Languages: The Cases of CVL and OVM. Proceedings of 18th Software Product Line Conference, Florence, Italy: ACM.”

SPLC14 best paper award

  • Nomination for Best Paper Award, 9. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik
    • for “Bauer, C., Figl, K., Derntl, M., Beran, P., Kabicher, S. (2009). Der Einsatz von Online‐Peer‐Reviews als kollaborative Lernform. 9. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik. Wien.”
  • Best Research Paper Award, IADIS International Conference e-Learning 2008
    •  for “Figl, K., Bauer, C. (2008). Online Active Listening and Media Competence. Proceedings of IADIS International Conference e-Learning 2008. Amsterdam: IADIS.”


  • Outstanding Paper Award, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications 2008 (ED-MEDIA)
    •  for “Figl, K. (2008). Exploring the Effects of Communication Frequency and Media Choice on Team Climate in Student Teams. Proceedings of ED-MEDIA. Vienna: AACE.”